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Time and Attendance Software

Full Integration with Biometric Time Clocks: Easily download punches from our facial recognition and hand geometry biometric time clocks so you can get total amount of hours worked.

Payroll Automation: Unlimited number of pay policies can be created and applied uniformly and comprehensively. Unlimited number of shifts can be created and assigned to employees.

Ease of Use: Menu-driven and user friendly. Our software is easy to learn; no reading through thick manuals is necessary.

Strategic Reporting Capability: Over 50 reports are available at your fingertips. Reports can be run by the pay period or any date range that you decide. These reports can be displayed on the screen, printed, emailed, and even saved as PDF files.

Human Resource Functions: Tracks attendance, tardiness, benefit entitlements (for example PTO, sick, vacation, and personal days), department and job transfers, schedules, wage calculation, and automated holiday pay.

Payroll Processing: Export time data to third party payroll systems. This eliminates the need for duplicate entry of hours into a payroll system. Some of the payroll systems we can export to include: ADP, Abra, Accpac, Arrow, Attache, CBS, Ceridian, Certipay, CompuPay, Cyberpay, Cyborg, EZE-PAY, Evolution, Execupay, Fidelity, Gevity, Glazers, HRPyramid, Intuit, Jonas, MYOB PowerPay, Mangrove Software, Mas90, Micropay, Micropay Meridian, Millenium, PC Connect Pay Plus, Pay-E, PayAmerica, Paychex, Paykwik, Paylocity, Peachtree, Perfect Pay, Prestige Payroll, PrimePay, ProBusiness PowerPay, QuickBooks Pro, Quick Payroll, QuickPay Plus, RPS Payroll, Rapid Pay, SLS, SOI Payroll, SQL/Pay, Safeguard, Thomas Reuters Service Bureau Payroll CS, Summit, Sybiz, Time Card Data, Topps Payroll, UK Payroll, Unified Payroll, Wage Easy, Wells Fargo, Winpay

Trend Spotting: Reports can quickly show what days of the week sick days were taken. You don’t want half your workers calling in sick on the Friday before a three-day holiday weekend!

Security: Each software administrator will have their own unique ID and password. This is allows for an Audit Trail to track any changes made. Security levels can also be created to allow users to access only certain employees and to only perform certain functions within the software.

Below are some screen shots of the software and a few sample reports.

Approval Editor (for quickly locating missing punches and absences)

Approval Editor (for quickly locating missing punches and absences)
Benefit Balances

Benefit Balances
Time Card Screen

Time Card Screen
Status Board

Status Board
Time Card Report

Time Card Report
Time card With Attendance Summary

Time Card Report with Attendance Summary
Weekly Hours Report

Weekly Hours Report
Labor Distribution Report

Labor Distribution Report
No Lunch Punch Report

No Lunch Punch Report
Seniority Report

Seniority Report
Time Card Report with Attendance Summary

Time Card Report with Attendance Summary
Attendance Count Report

Attendance Count Report
Time & Attendance Software Solutions Biosoft Pro Biosoft Ultra
Time Card Editing
Built-in Payroll Exports
Exception Reporting
Auto Daylight Savings Time
Temporary Employees
Labor Levels 2 5
Unlimited Shifts
User Defined Pay Policies
Break Punching
Lunch Punching
Consecutive Day Overtime
Daily Overtime
Built-in System Backup
Benefit Entitlement Tracking
Approval Editor
Status Board
Salaried Employees Tracking
Global Transactions
Multiple Schedule Adjuster
Shift Differential
Email Reports
Color Coded Exceptions
Save Reports to PDF & Excel
Auto Holiday
Edited Punch Flagging
Piece Rates
Per Diem
Levels of Overtime 3 3
Pay Adjustment
Timecard Approvals
Charge Rates
Holiday Groups
Company Logo on Reports
Leave Requests
Payroll Exports
Optional Software Modules
Multi-User Up to 25 Up to Unlimited
Increased Employee Support Up to 800 Up to Unlimited
Bell Ringing
Job Costing
Level Validation
Access Control
Profile Lockout
Benefit Accruals
Occurrence Ratings
Multiplexer Polling
This is only a partial list of features and functionality. All systems contain a significantly higher number of features
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